Historical information

The yoke is worn on the neck of the bullocks and is secured by a belt around the neck. The bullocks push the yoke with their shoulders, hump and neck; therefore, the work is performed.


This yoke seems to be handmade on a farm. It was used in the Kiewa Valley

Physical description

A wooden bar behind a harnessed horse. It is used to balance the pull of a draught horse or other draft animal (bullock) when pulling a vehicle like a plough. A yoke is an interface between bullock power and actual work to be performed.This yoke is timber with a shape to form curved depressions that allow it to rest across the necks of two bullocks to keep them together.The bullocks were chained to the steel oblong ring - one at each end of the yoke. The middle ring was attached to the bullock or vehicle in front of them.