Historical information

The banana bottle is often referred to as the hygienic bottle, and is aptly named. It was the saviour of many hand reared babies in early 20th C. It's ease of cleaning was a major breakthrough in nursery hygiene. The basic design was around for about 50 years. It first made its appearance around the mid 1880's. The first true banana feeder with a teat and valve was invented in 1894 by Allen and Hanbury's. In the next 15 years the model was modified over a series of four slightly different models. In 1910 the final design, The Allenbury Feeder was to remain unchanged for the next 50 years.

Physical description

A clear glass Felgrim Banana bottle (valve and teat) for feeding babies by hand. The brand is stamped in large ornate lettering inside an oval shape on the wide front of the bottle. It has two open ends for attaching teats. 8oz measurements are marked on one side and 16 tablespoons on the other.

Inscriptions & markings

'Felgrim' brand and 'Made in England Free from arsenic and lead'