Historical information

These items contained products for cooking use in the family kitchen in the 1930's - 1960.

Physical description

Five vintage tins and one bottle of kitchen products used in the home 1930's - 1960. 1. A small unopened Nestle' Nesco REGD. Dried Ice Cream Mix tin with powder inside. It has a yellow label with red, white and black lettering of the brand and details of product. Net weight 4oz. 2. A small McKenzie's Excelsior Baking Powder tin with a white, and gold printed paper label explaining manfacturer details and instructions for use. 4 ozs. Net. 3. Two large lidded The Colonial Sugar Refining Co. Ltd. treacle tins with red, green and silver lettering. manufacturer details are printed on the front. 2lbs nett. 4. A small tin lidded cylinder of Herb-Ox Bouillon Cubes artificially flavoured. The manufacturer details and directions for use are printed in yellow and red. Net weight 3/4 oz. 5. A small clear glass bottle with a tin screw top lid of Rawleigh's Essence of Peppermint printed on the white and brown paper label. 2 fluid oz.

Inscriptions & markings

1. 'Nesco Dried Ice Cream Mix Nestle' Vanilla Flavour. 16.11.63' 2. 'McKenzie's Excelsior Baking Powder' 3. 'The Colonial Sugar Refining Co. Ltd.Treacle' is printed in large red print. 4. 'Herb-Ox' printed in red lettering. 5. 'Rawleigh's Essence of Peppermint A delicious Flavour'.