Historical information

An adding machine is like a calculator enabling the user to do addition and subtraction and multiplication and division by repetition. Adding machines provided a printed receipt for each entry and calculators display information on a screen.Adding machines were used in the office and were replaced by calculators and comptometers.


Used by a resident of the Kiewa Valley and possibly in the SECV office.

Physical description

Formerly UKV 242 or Contex UKV 253 - Electric (no cord). Beige and grey plastic covered adding machine with blue numbers and black function keys. Paper roll winder and dispenser at the top of the machine. Charcoal coloured plastic base with label and patent information. A blue handle for carrying. 2 small grooved wheels on the base.

Inscriptions & markings

Left hand front: Addmaster label and logo
Base: Label on base - "Addmaster Corp. Made in USA serial number 175614". Patent information label