Historical information

Invented in 1923 by Wilhelm Ritzerfeld. A Spirit duplicator' refers to the alcohols that were a major component of the solvents used in the machine.Limited number of copies one could make from an original along with the low cost and corresponding low quality of copying. Used to make multiple copies of a document eg. in office at a school for eg. a newsletter


Used at Bogong Primary School

Physical description

Formerly UKV 048
Solid black, heavy, steel machine on 4 legs with flat tray at the front and roller at the back. The roller has a cover on the sides and front. From the top you can see the silver roller which is operated by a handle on the right side. There is a small lever and 2 knobs on the same side.

Inscriptions & markings

In gold on the back "Fordigraph" and "The Nipper Fordigraph" with a blue circle made by 3 arcs with arrows.
2 labels on one side, screwed on. The labels have a silver background and black print.
"Off" and "On"