Historical information

These typewriters were imported fully assembled from Japan by CFM Industries. CFM (Curvie Furniture Manufacturing). The Nakajima portable typewriters were imported in the 1970s.
Typewriters replaced hand written writing. Their benefits were that the work was written faster and was legible. The portable typewriter enabled the typist to take her typewriter with her. Typewriters have now been replaced by computers with the advantage of editing the work before the final copy is made and with the ability to add eg. photos, create different settings etc.


Used by a resident of the Kiewa Valley in the 1970s.

Physical description

Beige hard plastic case with dark grey handle with chrome fittings and white buttons either side of the handle. Metal typewriter 'querty' key board, white keys with black inscriptions. Includes typewriter ribbon

Inscriptions & markings

Label inside cover for servicing. "CFM Industries Pty Ltd address, phone number"
Label on back of typewriter for CFM Industries