Historical information

After an attempt of building a Seamen's Hospital in Williamstown, the ship Emily was transformed in a floating chapel to welcome seamen for service.
Captain Charles Ferguson (1813-1868) was one of the members of the committee who founded the floating church.
The ship Emily may have been a convict ship sailing from England to the Van Diemen's land in 1842 and 1844.
Before 1856, it was used as a "water police hulk" then transformed in an accommodation for Reverend Kerr Johnson and his large family and fitted to receive 200 attendees in the chapel.


The article is significant as it describes the ship and its location: "The hulk is moored midway between Sandridge and Williamstown, and is distinguished by a blue flag flying at the mainmast with "Bethel" inscribed on it; and in one corner of the flag is the star of Bethlehem, in another a dove with an olive branch."

Physical description

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