Historical information

[Five views of Thursday Island, including] Thursday Island from Military Barracks, The T.S. Hospital, Darnley Island Torres Straits, Main Street, Native Feast, [ca. 1917-1920]

See https://catalogue.nla.gov.au/catalog/3117659

Dear Mum
A few lines to let you know I've arrived at the top end of Aussie safely & now on my way down the coast towards Sydney. I'll be over on leave about the eighth Sept cheer up dont forget to send the suitcase about the second of Seot it will give me time to pack it then remember me to all & best love to yourself and Dad, your son Bill.


This item, a souvenir from Thursday Island from between the wars (circa 1923) was brought home to Research, Victoria by Bill Teagle who was serving in the Royal Australian Navy (1919-1945). According to Bill's neice Valerie Waller (nee Feldbauer, daughter of Violet and Theodore 'Curly' Feldbauer), her Uncle Bill would always bring some sort of souvenir home from his travels for family members.

The item ( along with a series of postcards from Japan of the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1 September 1923) was possibly given by Bill Teagle to his sister Margaret Rose (formerly Ingram) who later married Richard Edward (Eddie) Fielding in early 1948. (Eddie had been engaged to someone else before he went to war, but his fiancée broke it off before his return to Australia.)

It was cared for by the Teagle/Fielding family for approximately one hundred years. It is of particular significance given the family's connection to the Eltham War Memorial through 'Curly' Feldbauer and the significance of that memorial to the local community and represents that despite the horrors of war, former friends then foes can become friends again.

Physical description

Postcard. Originally contained in an accordian style album, they have been rehoused in archival safe photo album protectors as the album pages were torn and broken into multiple sections, held together with stickytape and staples