Physical description

A faded and stained tall narrow pale green 1933 Handiform Housekeepers Diary & Cash recorder for home records. The cover has the title printed in black and orange lettering inside a large black shape with publisher details below. There is a Contents page, listing the various useful items to refer to, such as - weekly diary and cash records which may be filled in by the user, yearly calendars for 1933 and 1934, postal information practical medical advice, handy hints, pages for notes and kitchen reminders for shopping.

Publication type



A useful Housekeepers diary which as it says on the front cover - 'Safer than a Good Memory - A Diary'. Women would have used this to keep records of expenditure on a daily basis. The are three columns: Receipts, Date and Expenditure. It was given with Compliments from F.E. Watts Blackburn Dairy 20 Albert Street, Blackburn Phone WX 2504.