Physical description

A pale green thin 'Journal of the Family History Section: La Socie'te' Guernesiaise' in booklet format. The front cover has the title printed in black lettering at the top with an oval shape depicting a man and woman sitting for a portrait inside it. The volume and date of publication is also printed. The round emblem of La Socie'te' Guernesiaise 1882 is printed on the front top right corner. 24p.

Publication type


Inscriptions & markings

On the front cover in tiny black biro is written - ' Sebire Page 12.' On p.17 there is written in blue biro - '00111 916 2735979 USA 19hrs. behind. 10am Aust. 3pm USA' At the bottom of p.17 in grey pencil is written underneath the New Members Interests. - 'Marion Sebire 1525 Michael Ogier John Mahy Ma'


The family history section of this association lists - 1. The Objects of the Section are to - 1.1. Promote, foster and encourage research into family history and 1.2. Collate, preserve and catalogue resource material and make it available to members and 1.3. Liaise with such persons or bodies as may be conducive to these objects. The Mont De Lancey features in this edition