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William Alexander Osborne married Ethel Elizabeth Osborne in 1903; they came to Australia when he became Professor of Physiology at the University of Melbourne, later Dean, Faculty of Medicine, retiring in 1938. In 1904 they lived in Warrandyte at "Lowestoft", later moving to "The Hall" at Kangaroo Ground. Their children were Audrey, Gerard, Yrsa and Charis. Ethel, born in Leeds U.K., graduated in medicine in the 1920s and was active in social issues.She represented Australia at international conferences of The League of Nations and the Pan Pacific Womens Conference; during World War ; she was appointed by the British Ministry of Munitions on working conditions of women and played a major role in the establishment of The Emily McPherson College of Domestic Economy..Locally she was involved with the construction of Evarard Drive, the War Memorial at Warrandyte, the War Memorial Tower at Kangaroo Ground, and the Warrandyte Womens Hospital Auxiliary. She was a foundation member of the Catalysts, The Lyceum and the British Ex-service Womens Clubs and was interested in the arts, knowing many local artists.

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