Historical information

Various news articles pertaining to the January 1962 Victorian bushfires in the Dandenong and Healesville districts which by second day had spread on to a 150 mile front fromDaylesford and Kinglake through to the Dandenongs.
Specific Eltham Shire districts mentioned include Ninka Road, St. Andrews, Kinglake, Hurstbridge on page 2
• Fires Blazing on 150M. Arc: "Need a Miracle", p1 (Illust.) – Victoria’s worst bushfire day since “Black Friday,” 1939
• Night dash as bushfire sweeps by, p2 (Illust.)
• Kalorama Saved: Fire 100 Ft. Away, p2
• Stay away, says police chief, p2
• The Tragedy of the Fires, p3 (Illust.)
• Good save by firemen, p4 (Illust.)
• S.E.C. Firemen Saved N. Yallourn, p4
• Cherry river of flame, p4
• From the fire front: Fire-fighters are bitten by snakes, p4
• They faced the fury, p6 (Illust.)
• The ’39 Blaze, p6
• They fought and failed, p6
• Hills Aflame: 2nd Day, pp16-17 (Illust.)
• Respite at Olinda HQ, p16 (Illust.)
• Here is Ruin, p17 (Illust.)
• This fireman had to work among piled up furniture … p32 (Illust.)

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