Historical information

Various news articles pertaining to the January 1962 Victorian bushfires in the Dandenong and Healesville districts which by the third day had encompassed large areas of the State.
Specific Eltham Shire districts mentioned include Warrandyte on page 1, St. Andrews and Smith’s Gully on page 2, St. Andrews on page 3 and 43, Panton Hill and Warrandyte on p23 and Hurstbridge on page 44
• It's Now Safe in Fire Areas; Death Toll Reaches 8, p1 (Illust.)
• How they died, pp1-2
• It was “heaven” in the bush … Boys stayed on . . . to die, pp1-2 (Illust.)
• Towns take stock as danger drops, p2
• £5400 to the relief fund, p2
• Fire now threat to Otways, p2
• Pensioners lose all, p2
• “…If Only The Rain Had Come” … and then it came to town, p3 (Illust.)
• Our best rain since May
• It halted at Grandma’s front gate, p5 (Illust.)
• Now that the rain has come; It’s time for the clean-up, p6
• Wisps of smoke where flames danced, p7
• Charitry’s a loser, p7
• War Service homes claim, p7
• Help’s on way, p7 (Illust.)
• Came with their gifts …, p7
• Fire summons for youth; “sparked the rest”, p9
• Three gaoled, p9
• They had to camp out at Wye River, p9 (Illust.)
• “Probe Fires” – Stoneham, p9
• The Fourth Day: Scorched Earth!, pp22-23 (Illust.)
• This home was saved but - , p22 (Illust.)
• Relief Centre, p23 (Illust.)
• Homeless, p23 (Illust.)
• So little was left, p43 (Illust.)
• Tommy saved his cat, p43 (Illust.)
• Some were lucky … and some were tired, p44 (Illust.)

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