Historical information

Various news articles pertaining to the January 1965 Victorian bushfires.
• Fire Kills 8; Seven trapped near car, p1 (Illust.)
• …Then the rain came, p3 (Illust.)
• Bushfire kills 5 children, 2 women, p3 (Illust.)
• Hottest since ’61, p3
• Fire’s big leap, p3 (Illust.)
• Fire crisis was worst since ’62, p5
• Blaze leaps township, p5
• 120 flee at guesthouse, p5
• Clothes burnt off 2 firemen, p5
• Too close for comfort; Fire sweeps through farm buildings; Kooyong Coolers; Beach bath; pp20-21 (Illust.)

Physical description

Digital scan of original pages from newspaper