Historical information

Newspaper cuttings collected from various sources. - Ballarat Courier, The Australian, Warrnambool Standard, The Age, The Standard, The News, Ballarat News, East Gippsland News. The items are from 7 January to 14 December 1989 and 23 July to 18 December 1990.
Many articles relate to the renaming of BCAE. A proposal for the College to merge with another facility was put forward. This became a battle for independence. Letters to the Editor highlighted some of the concerns. The merger proposition was debated between Deakin University in Geelong and Ballarat College of Advanced Education for six months.
BCAE became Ballarat University College in 1990. It was affiliated with the University of Melbourne.

Physical description

White A4 two ring folder. Divided into months by coloured dividers.