Historical information

Hanger, William Robert B. 1907 Aust Inf Corps. VP3651 NAA file covers 1935.
The jacket was probably from Hanger, William Robert.

Physical description

1. Dark Khaki woollen jacket. Four pockets. Darkened AMF buttons. 38Bn colour patch on shoulders. darkened Major's badge on epaulettes. Rising Sun on collars. One medal ribbon on chest - Efficiency decoration.
2. Cotton polyester short sleeve shirt. light plastic buttons with epaulettes.
3. Tie, Khaki, Polyester.
4. Belt, Sam Browne, tan leather with brass fittings.

Inscriptions & markings

4. Belt. Written inside belt is "Donated by Capt. D.F.V. Hufer A3/92041. There was another name, it has been obliterated. Another name - Capt. W.R. Hanger VP 3651.