Historical information

This history of the Victorian town of St. Andrews (formerly Queenstown) and its surroundings was written to celebrate the 140th anniversary of St Andrews Primary School. Describes the displacement of the Aboriginal inhabitants of the area, European settlement and the Gold Rushes and the Caledonia diggings. Discusses establishment of the school, church and cemetery and various other notable events. The school in 1998 and speculations on the future by primary school pupils.
The First People
Mining- What a rush!
The School
The Church
Queenstown Cemetery
The Hotels
The Police Paddocks
The Families
Queenstown in the early twentieth century
The Queenstown Bush Fire Brigade
The 1st Queenstown Scout troop
Queenstown, the 1940s and 1950s
The Characters
Odds and Sods
St Andrews - The Present Times
The Future
St Andres Primary School in 1998


This book is significant in that it documents the history of the St Andrews community from the indigenous presence through its foundation during the Victorian Gold Rush through to local bushfires and predictions of the future by local primary schools students in 1998. It remains the only significant secondary source publication written specifically on this rural community.

Physical description

Reprint edition with index
158 p. : ill., ports ; index

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Ex Eltham College copy
Bendigo bank donation label inside cover
Title page with stampings for D.D. Davey Senior Library
Rear page date due slip