Historical information

This object has been made in 1978 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the ship 'Loch Ard'. This ship was wrecked on Mutton Bird Island near Port Campbell, Victoria in June 1878 with the loss of 52 lives and with two survivors. The story of the two survivors, passenger Eva Carmichael and seaman Tom Pearce has become part of the local folklore and has been retold in poetry, stage and T.V. drama and prose works. and is the subject of one of the night laser shows at Flagstaff Hill Maritime Museum in Warrnambool. Port Campbell Information Centre and Flagstaff Hill Maritime Museum also house many significant shipwreck items from the 'Loch Ard' including the nationally-important Loch Ard Minton Peacock. One of the commemorative events that took place in 1978 was the raising of the anchor from the wreck and its display at Port Campbell. This anchor item was probably made at the time and given to one of those connected to the recovery of the anchor.


This souvenir is of interest as an object made to commemorate the most significant shipwreck in Western Victoria

Physical description

This is a souvenir of a shipwreck. It has a rectangular-shaped wooden base with a wooden piece with one curved edge standing upright at a slight angle on the top of the base. The wooden piece has four metal strips and has a metal anchor slotted into it so that the anchor is raised from the base. The wooden piece and the end of the anchor are glued to the base. The base has a silver-coloured metal name piece. The wooden sections have been slightly varnished. On the bottom of the base there are four rubber pads at each corner.

Inscriptions & markings

Loch Ard Commemoration 1978