Physical description

Shirt and trousers combination made of dark blue, light blue, beige and brown colour in stripes, cotton fabric. Cream colour, plastic buttons. Cream colour drawstring.
1. Shirt with long sleeves with no cuffs, collar, one front pocket and placket front, with buttons. Manufacturers white cotton label inside back of collar.
2. Trousers, long legs with drawstring at waist.
3. Manufacturers label, lightweight cardboard, previously sewn to shirt. Black and red print with purple stamp information. Also handwritten information, grey lead pencil.

Inscriptions & markings

Manufacturers information-
1. Blue and red embroidered details "GUARANTEED/DEFIANCE/BRAND".
2. Lightweight cardboard details "MENS AND BOYS/ Pyjamas/ for/ SERVICE and COMFORT/ Distinctive/ Cloth/ Defiance/ Exclusive/ Designs/ RENOWNED/THROUGHOUT AUSTRALIA/ NO./ SIZE."
Purple stamp "100/ O.S."
Grey lead pencil "3 D/-/ 16/6".
3. Reverse side of label - handwritten grey lead pencil.
"I am a refined type of/ gal desiring a boy friend/ if you would write I shall/ be only to pleased to answer/ I am 18 (1941)/ Norma Poulton/ 96 Flinders Street/ 4th Floor/ Melbourne"
The handwritten note and pair of pyjamas were sent to an unknown soldier serving during World War Two.