Historical information

Uniform issued to "LOCKYER" 114493.

Physical description

Jacket - khaki colour wool serge fabric, Battle dress style, belted at waist with metal buckle. Dark green plastic buttons. Collar, shoulder epaulettes, two front pockets with concealed button down flap and sleeve cuffs.
Shoulder epaulettes - rank three pips, red, cream and brown embroidery for Captain.
Shoulder sleeve insignia, red fabric with dark blue embroidered lettering. "ROYAL AUSTRALIAN ARMY/ ORDNANCE CORPS".
Green colour cotton twill fabric pocket and waist lining, manufacturers white cor=tton label inside pocket lining.
2. Trousers - khaki colour wool serge fabric, Battle Dress style, with fob pocket, two side pockets, one back pocket with concealed button down flap. Green colour polyester fabric lining with manufacturers white cotton label inside on back pocket, 6 button fly.

Inscriptions & markings

Manufacturers information on labels - black ink print.
1. "A.G.C.F./ VIC 1977/^ /8405.66.025.6423/ SIZE OF CHEST/ SIZE 109/ 112PR/ YARRA FALLS 69/ BATCH, 21657/ DRY CLEAN ONLY/ CREASE UPPER/ HALF OF LAPELS ONLY/ NO./ NAME" Handwritten - blue ink pen - "LOCKYER/ 114493".
2. CONWAY BROS. PTY LTD/ ADELAIDE ^ 1968/ CLASS 8405-66-025-6199/ Y.F. PP2/ SIZE & WAIST 41PR/ MATCHING JACKET 43/44 P.R. / Dry Clean only/ Repress on original seams/ Creases set by Si-ro-set./ mending patch attached/ NAME/ ARMY NO."
Handwritten black ink pen "LOCKYER/ 114493"