Historical information

War and family memorabilia collated by Betty Thornton, daughter of local Thomas Thornton.

Physical description

WW1 & Family Memorabilia - Thomas Thornton contains:
~ 2 x leather-bound photo albums containing b&w photos of family members, some labelled with hand-written notes
~ Sample of small stones containing copper
~ Several sized detachable buttons used on WW1 service uniforms (cuffs, collars, shirts)
~ Small purple-coloured cardboard box containing a number of service medals, fund-raising badges, royal family medallions
~ B&W photos of Thomas Thornton and comrades in uniform
~ Small leather-bound book containing information about servicemen known to Thomas Thornton (My Roll of Honour)
~Small white cardboard box containing plaster Welcome Home plaque in the shape of Australia. Lid has floral decoration, Auld Land Syne and Thomas Thornton written in the corner
~ Photocopies of Thomas Thornton's war records (AWM)
~ Homemade cardboard frame covered in clear plastic, containing some WW1 items of Thomas Thornton

Inscriptions & markings

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