Historical information

1. Badge awarded to soldiers wounded in action during WW2.
2. Honour Cross or Hindenburg Cross created in 1934 to commemorate service of German people during WW1. Under Hitler was the only official service decoration to be worn.

Physical description

1. Original egg shaped WW2 wound badge. Edges have flower garland. In middle is a German Infantry helmet with a Swastika over two crossed swords. Dark grey metal and pin on back.
2. Replica of WW1 German Honour Cross. Brown metallic badge with two crossed swords over a cross (Hindenburg Cross). A ring on top to hang on a ribbon 1914-1918. In centre of Circle of flowers.

Inscriptions & markings

1. Nil other than a Swastika on a hat.
2. "1914", "1918" on front.