Physical description

An antique green hardcover Edwin Landseer and Animal Painting in England book - Vere Foster Series with the title printed in gold lettering at the top right hand corner with a large head of a stag with black and brown lines in the bottom left hand corner.There is a thin black line surrounding the edge of front cover. The spine and back cover are plain green. There is gilt on the edges of the pages. Inside are guidelines for drawing and painting animals as suggested by Landseer and other well known English artists of the time with several reproductions of coloured plates as well as black and white engravings. Stephen T. Dadd gives practical hints. At the back are lists of Vere Foster's water-colour books and Blackie Publications.Pp 84.

Publication type



A useful book for artists wishing to learn the techniques of drawing and painting animals by Edwin Landseer and other notable English artists in the early 1890's. The reproduced coloured plates and engravings support the text and advice.