Historical information

Without knowing anything about the ring-in O'Day turns up at the races.
Discovering a hidden brand on Smokey that could only have been burnt into Grapeshot's hide, and holding no belief for the crook administration at Nuggety Flat, he canters smartly down to the home of an old Chinese whose life his father saved during the Lambing Flat riots. Chin lends him 500 sovereigns. Waiting till O'Hara and Co. are "set" O'Day cleans up for himself and Chin, and quietly heads for home.
Later he corners young O'Hara who confesses to the job, says Grapeshot is safely back in his paddock, and that Smokey has been sold to a Sydney show team owner and is well out of the district.
O'Hara takes his money to the Camoola banker Redfern, who has befriended him, and clears up all his financial affairs.
W.O. Tom Foster as Redfern.


The album and images are significant because they document literature written by a prominent member of the Wodonga community. The presentation of this precis was supported by several significant district families and individuals.

Physical description

Ringer's River Album Coloured photo Plate 25