Historical information

In the jockey room after weight is declared correct an infuriated Nugent accuses O'Day and O'Hara of deliberately "taking him on" for no obvious reason.
Calm as ever O'Day prevents action between the other two, and the three of them are called before the steward. Nobody "splits", and, though he declares himself dissatisfied with the explanation that Nugent tried to get through where there was no room and just had to pull out and go round, the stipendiary steward closes the incident.
All of which adds fuel to a fast growing feud between Nugent and the O'Haras.


The album and images are significant because they document literature written by a prominent member of the Wodonga community. The presentation of this precis was supported by several significant district families and individuals.

Physical description

Ringer's River Album Coloured photo Plate 19