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Half an hour later her brother Keiran gallops up with the news that Artie Klinberg's mob has been ambushed by police. All the cattlemen other than he had been caught. Keiran escaped by jumping fences and coming home across country.
Soon after Sergeant. Baker and Trooper Ryan arrive, and are refused entry by the widowed Mrs. Ellen O'Hara whose husband, some years previously, had been shot by police in mistake for a wanted bushranger. As he is acting mainly on presumption the chagrined Sergeant has to leave, warning O'Day to watch his company.
Realising someone has "dobbed them in", Keiran decides it has to be George, "Microbe" Nugent, an unpopular fellow - traveller at loggerheads with Klinberg, and vows vengance.
Maj. John Hardwick as Sgt. Baker. Mrs. Kerry Hardwick as Mrs. O'Hara.
Bill Tenteye as Keiran.


The album and images are significant because they document literature written by a prominent member of the Wodonga community. The presentation of this precis was supported by several significant district families and individuals.

Physical description

Ringer's River Album Coloured photo Plate 15