Historical information

Meantime back at Camoola "Top Or Nothing" Price, known to stockmen as "Old Stop At Nothing", and his shifty ex-jockey clerk Billy Matthews, have been stunned by the Victorian customs duty of 30 shillings per head on cattle, and 50 shillings per head on horses, suddenly promulgated just prior to a very important sale.
Caught with a lot of cattle he cannot unload, and a property sale that has gone astray, Price accepts offers for both from O'Day, who thus sets himself up cheaply with a good holding that runs down Barmagulla's back boundary to the Murray River at the point where he often swims across.


The album and images are significant because they document literature written by a prominent member of the Wodonga community. The presentation of this precis was supported by several significant district families and individuals.

Physical description

Ringer's River Album Coloured photo Plate 12