Historical information

On a summer's day in 1891 Sean O'Day, Horse Breaker on James MacLough's "Gooloora" Station, is driving the Scots pastoralist in to the railhead at Overton after his annual inspection of that property.
Silent and mature for his age, Sean was born in a dray while it was crossing the river during a flood, and has remained at home in it. Because he is always moving by dawn he is known in the borderland as Daylight O'Day. When MacLough asks him what he will be doing on the morrow O'Day replies that he will be manager. Questioned, he suggests that MacLough realises the background to his joke in that the station hands will, that night, celebrate the passing of the Boss's inspection. As they will have hangovers tomorrow all the work will naturally fall to himself, a teetotaller.
MacLough nods assent, but, instead of leaving on the train, books a room for the night and a livery gig for the morrow, and drives himself to Gooloora early next morning.
D.J. Martin as O'Day, H.S. Diffey as MacLough.


The album and images are significant because they document literature written by a prominent member of the Wodonga community. The presentation of this precis was supported by several significant district families and individuals.

Physical description

Ringer's River Album Coloured photo Plate 1