Historical information

Maps were used to teach children geography, the explorers, the minerals, the world etc. The school bought and stored the maps so that they were available for use. This predated electronic devices.
The KHE Works map was hand drawn showing lots of detail.


These maps were used by the Bogong Primary School.
The Kiewa Hydro Electric Works was built by the SECV and produced hydro power. This map may have been used by pupils as well as workers on the Works.

Physical description

Large coloured maps on canvas, with a wooden beam along the top and bottom. Each one has a cord attached to the top so that the map may be hung up on a wall. Some are made by Chas. H. Scally & Co., Baronia Ave., Wollstonecraft, N.S.W.
The Kiewa Hydro Electric Works map is pinkish and shows Rocky Valley Dam, Lake Guy and Mt Beauty pondage in dark blue.