Historical information

R. H. Baron used this leave pass to visit his uncle in Aldershot. Whilst in Aldershot and surrounds, he collected a number of postcards.
Part of the Robert H. Baron, No 3596 and Cooper Collections. See Catalogue No. 1981P for details of Baron's service.

Physical description

Rectangular booklet with light brown card covers. Covers and pages stapled together. inside 2 pages have lists of food rations available to the pass holders. printed instruction in black type on front and back covers. Front cover has printed pro-forma for holders details. Details handwritten in black and red ink.

Inscriptions & markings

Handwritten on front cover in black ink: 14th Trg Battn, 3596, L/Cp Baron, R.H., 4.10.1918 to 8.10.1918, Aldershot leave, Hurdcott 4.10.1918.
Handwritten on front cover in red ink: a signature.
Handwritten on back page in black ink: This is our Ration form book that we have for our tucker when we are on leave, Bob: