Historical information

This is a set of seven photographs of personnel posted to the Army Survey Regiment in 1989. These formal group photos of three of of the four Squadrons, Officers, and Warrant Officers/Sergeants were probably taken after a CO’s Parade. There were no photos of Headquarters Squadron in this set of negatives. LTCOL John Winzar was the CO of the Army Survey Regiment from 1987 to 1989 and WO1 Neville Stone was the RSM from 1988 to 1990.

Physical description

This is a set of seven photographs of personnel posted to the Army Survey Regiment, Fortuna Villa, Bendigo Victoria in 1989. The photographs are on 35mm negative film and were scanned at 96 dpi. They are part of the Army Survey Regiment’s Collection.
.1) to .2) - Photo, black & white, 1989. Officers Mess: Back row L to R: CAPT Roger Hancock, CAPT Graeme Wastell, unidentified US Exchange officer, CAPT John Greenwell, MAJ Owen Moss, MAJ Terry Edwards, unidentified nursing officer. Front row L to R: 2IC MAJ Rob McHenry, MAJ Laurie Newton, CO LTCOL John Winzar, ADJT CAPT Greg Tolcher.
.3) - Photo, black & white, 1989. Senior appointments: L to R: RSM WO1 Neville Stone, CO LTCOL John Winzar, 2IC MAJ Rob McHenry, ADJT CAPT Greg Tolcher.
.4) - Photo, black & white, 1989. SGTs Mess: Back row L to R: WO2 Steve Hansen, SGT Bob Garritty, SGT Steve Gloster, SGT Trevor Poll, unidentified, SSGT Brad Peppler, SGT Noel McNamara, SGT Mick Ferris, SSGT Peter Mustart, SGT Steve Burke, SGT Frank Lenane unidentified (x2), WO2 Bill Jones. 3rd row L to R: SGT Bruce Hammond, WO2 Neil ‘Ned’ Kelly, SSGT Jeff Willey, unidentified, SGT Chris Edwards, SSGT Dennis Learmonth, SSGT Rick van der Bom, SGT Paul Hopes, SSGT Kevin Boehm, SGT Graham Johnston, SGT Peter ‘Jack’ Elverd, SGT Russ Mollenhauer, WO2 Ian ‘Rock’ Thistleton, SGT Martin Evans. 2nd row L to R: unidentified (x2), WO2 Pat Lumsden, SGT Doug Carswell, WO2 Adrian ‘Charlie’ Creedy, SGT Greg Anderson, SGT Mick Minchin, SSGT Phil ‘Fred’ Smalley, SSGT Andy Boath, SGT John ‘Stormy’ Tempest, SGT Roger Rees, SGT Paul ‘Hutch’ Hunter, SGT Bob Bright, SGT Brian Collings. WO2 Rob Bogumil. Front row L to R: WO2 Ralph Chant, WO1 Allan Adsett, WO1 Rowan Gillies, WO1 Stu Thaxter, WO1 Peter Presser, RSM WO1 Neville Stone, WO2 Barry Lutwyche OAM, WO1 Russell ‘Rusty’ Williams, WO1 Stevo Hinic, WO1 Trevor Osborne, WO2 Alan Bunn, WO2 George Graham.
.5) - Photo, black & white, 1989. Cartographic Squadron: Back row L to R: CPL Greg Hilson, SPR Chris Wride, SPR Stuart Adrain, SPR Charmian McKean, CPL Raelene (Munting) Brodie, CPL Craig Kellet, SPR Ian Brown, SPR Steve Salvestro, SPR Mick Duggan, SPR Steve Dee, CPL John Martin, SPR Toni Wright, SPR De Madge. 3rd row L to R: SPR Bob Bousfield, CPL Allan Choat, SPR Steve Wainwright, CPL Damian Killeen, SPR Peter Smyth, CPL Brendon McKinless, SPR Geoff Steegrestra, CPL Peter Johnson, SPR Lee Palfrey, SGT Graham Johnson, SPR Malcolm Oliver, LCPL Sandy Dee, SPR Grant Davis. 2nd row L to R: CPL Dave Murphy, SPR Tony Jackson, SPR Dick Crawford, SPR Danilo Cesconetto, CPL Jeff Le-Fevre, SPR Bruce Graham, CPL Mark Donnelly, SPR Gayle Humphrey, SPR Jodi Seath, SPR Nadine (Paul) Read, SPR Di (Thomas) Soutar, SPR Caroline Wyatt, CPL Barry Hogan, CPL John Reid, SPR Chris Wynn. Front row L to R: SGT Bob Bright, SGT Doug Carswell, SGT Paul ‘Hutch’ Hunter, SGT Martin Evans, SSGT Rick van der Bom, WO2 Adrian ‘Charlie’ Creedy, WO1 Stevo Hinic, OC CAPT John Greenwell, WO1 Colin Cuskelly, WO2 Ian ‘Rock’ Thistleton, SSGT Dennis Learmonth, SGT Paul ‘Fluff’ Cheater, SGT Brian Collings.
.6) - Photo, black & white, 1989. Air Survey Squadron: Back row L to R: CPL Andy Love, CPL Glyn Mattock, SPR Peter Murphy, SPR John ‘Doc’ Commons, SGT Noel McNamara, SGT Steve Gloster, SPR Neil ‘Tex’ Houston, SPR Peter Coles, CPL Ian Nelson, SPR David Lankshear. 3rd row L to R: CPL Noel Brinsmead, SPR Steve Wegener, CPL Peter Peterson, CPL Max Watson, SPR Jeanette Dury-Lane, SPR Simone Rodgers, SPR Derek Percival, SPR Stuart Midgley, SPR Vaughn Ralston, CPL Darren Wilkinson, SGT Frank Downie. 2nd row L to R: SPR Darren Scott, SPR Frank Savy, SPR Stuart Bowd, SPR Ailsa (Sorby) Miller, SPR Phuc ‘Charlie’ Tran, SPR Paula (Golding) Brinsmead, CPL Chris ‘Charlie’ Brown, CPL Steve Coulson, SPR Chris Woodman, SPR Shane Torrens, CPL Greg Gilbert, unidentified. Front row L to R: SGT Paul Hopes, SGT Roger Rees, SSGT Phil ‘Fred’ Smalley, WO2 Barry Lutwyche OAM, WO1 Peter Presser, WO1 Russell ‘Rusty’ Williams, OC MAJ Laurie Newton, WO2 Neil ‘Ned’ Kelly, SSGT Andy Boath, SGT Peter ‘Jack’ Elverd, SGT Mick Ferris, SGT Bruce Hammond.
.7) - Photo, black & white, 1989. Lithographic Squadron: Back row L to R: SPR Andrew Arman, SPR Colin Yeats, CPL Warren ‘Waldo’ Shirley, SPR Michelle Evans, SPR Shona Hastie, CPL Paul Baker, SPR Graeme Spong. 3rd row L to R: SPR Mark McCullogh, CPL John ‘Flash’ Anderson, CPL Peter Dillon, SPR Ross Anza, CPL Peter Breukel, CPL Kevin ‘Chuck’ Berry, SPR Doug Whiteside, SPR Damien Cole, SGT Frank Lenane. 2nd row L to R: CPL Graeme Priestley, SPR Gavin McLean, CPL Stuart Ridge, SPR Gary Lord, SPR Janet Murray, SPR Ken Labouchardiere, CPL Ken Peters, CPL Mick ‘Buddha’ Ellis, SPR Darren ‘Barney’ Maher, SPR Greg Howell. Front row L to R: SGT Bob Garritty, SSGT Jeff Willey, WO1 Trevor Osborne, WO2 Rob Bogumil, OC MAJ Terry Edwards, WO2 Bill Jones, WO2 Steve Egan, SGT Keith Quinton, SGT Steve Burke.

Inscriptions & markings

.1P to .7P – no annotations