Historical information

Charis Pelling, daughter of Professor William Osborne and Dr Ethel Osborne, was active in local activities, including being Eltham Shire's first female president and a councillor.

Newspaper articles: About Whittlesea Show 1964, Diamond Valley News, 1964 (photocopy).
Magazine article: "A woman who gets things done", The Australian Women's Weekly, 26 October 1966. Charis Pelling's life and activities.
Note card: Thanks for sympathy following destruction of "Woodlands" and "The Hall" in 8 January 1969 bushfire.
Newspaper article: "Quietly proud of her life", Diamond Valley News, 19 June 1984. Charis Pelling's childhood and activities.
Note card: Thanks for sympathy following death of Edwin Oswald Pelling.
Newspaper notice: Death notice, Charis Meta Aleander Pelling.
Order of Service: Celebration of life of Charis Meta Aleander Pelling, 2006.
Letter: Eltham District Historical Society to Charis Pelling, 21 June 1995, Invitation to be presented with certificate to her as foundation President of the Society.
Note card: Charis Pelling, Thanks for presentation.
Newsletter: Eltham District Historical Society, number 172, January 2007. Obituary of Charis Meta Alexander Pelling.

Physical description

Newspaper clippings, A4 photocopies, etc