Physical description

A large yellow paperback book titled: The Shire of Lilydale and its Military heritage - Volume Three - The Second World War: The war in Europe & the Middle East. It has English and Australian crossed flags underneath the title at the top, with a black and white photograph of a soldier embracing his mother. Inside are black and white photographs of significant people, advertisements, militia facts and stories as well as a bibliography and index at the back. Pp. 339.

Publication type


Inscriptions & markings

There is a stamp of the Mont De Lancey Historical Homestead on the top left side on the inside of the front cover.


This collection of Lilydale's military heritage covers The Second World War: The war in Europe and the Middle East. It has sections on - Between the wars: The Spanish Civil War (1936 - 1939, Local Militia Forces (1918 - 1939), The Coming of the War. It details The Homefront, Patriotic Welfare, Our Service Personnel, V.E. Day, and Locals in Australian Military History.