Historical information

Sia Fujitsu, the son of Jiroguma Fujitsu was born on 27 May 1926 in Yamaguchi-Ken, Japan. His trade is listed as Employee of Culture and his religion is Buddhist. He was captured at Tawao, North Borneo on 27th January, 1942 and was interned in Loveday
South Australia until he was repatriated to Japan on 21st February, 1946.
Kurt Winker was born in Germany in 1902 and was a survivor of the "Arandora Star". He was sent to Australia on the "Dunera" where he was interned at Tatura 1940-1945.Sia

Physical description

Photocopy of a pencil and ink Portrait of a Japanese youth Short black hair, dark eyes and pink lips. He is wearing a jacket that appears to be too large for him and white collar and beige coloured tie. There is light blue shading around is head and shoulders. Japanese lettering in black ink on the left of the picture translates to his name "Sia FUJITSU". Signed in black ink by artist Kurt Winkler, Loveday, 1942.

Inscriptions & markings

Kurt Winkler LOVDAY 1942

Mounting & framing

Timber and glass