Historical information

1. Cap Badge of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders.
2. Cap Badge of The Border Regiment.
3. Cap badge of the Northamptonshire Regiment.
Badges collected by Robert H. Baron during World War One. Part of the "Robert H. Baron" No. 3596, and Cooper Collections.
See Catalogue No. 1981P for details of Baron's Service.

Physical description

1. Silver, coloured metal cap badge. Design is pressed into metal. Depicts a circlet with "ARGYLL AND SUTHERLAND" inscribed. Cypher with interlaced and reversed "L". On the left of the cypher is a boars head and on right is a wild cat. Above the cypher is a coronet. All within a wreath of thistles.
2. Silver coloured metal cap badge. Design features a Maltese Cross over a laurel wreath and Order of the Garter Star. Battle honours of the regiment inscribed on the four arms of the cross. Centre of the cross has "ARROYO DOS MOLINOS 1811" inscribed. THE BORDER REGIMENT inscribed on a scroll below cross.
3. Silver coloured metal cap badge, design features a castle within a laurel wreath. Above castle is a scroll inscribed "Gibralter". Below the castle is another scroll inscribed "Talavera". On the base of the wreath is a scroll inscribed "Northhamptonshire".