Historical information

This pencilled letter from 1892, was written on the steamer 'Success' by Mr Terry Davidson's grandmother, Frances Edith Ashe was posted to her sister, Florence (Floss) when the steamer arrived at Pooncarrie en route to the Murray and Echuca. Frances Edith (who signs the letter with her nickname 'Yeeds') was finishing her employment as a governess at the Teryawynia Station in the employ of the Gilberts. Teryawynia is situated on the Talyawalka Creek some 30 kms from the Darling River. The beginning point for the river journey recorded as being Henley Outstation - this being some 50 kms upstream from Menindee. At the time of writing this letter, she was 20 years old and on her second job as a governess. Her sister Floss was three years older. The references to 'George' withint the letter relate to a 24-year old George Alecander Davisdon, w worker on Teryawynia while she was therre - she was to marry Geroge some six years later. the description of life onboard and of the river journey (more than family chit chat) make up the valuable historical elements to thi sletter. It is appropriate that this letter will reside within a collection that tells the story of the paddlesteamers and their part in our Australian history.