Historical information

A property illustration by Margret Picken Commissioned by the real estate agency Woodards Blackburn for the purpose of advertising 83 Dunlavin Rd., Mitcham.
This property has be listed as having sold for $200,000 in 1993.

Made by using Rotring ‘Rapidigraph’ drafting pens with Rotring ink on Rapidigraph polyester drafting film, double matte.

Trained as a cartographic draftsman within the mining industry, Margaret Picken is an artist who worked producing property illustrations for real estate agencies in eastern suburbs of Victoria from 1983-2005. Retiring from the industry as technological changes favored coloured photography over illustrations, and commissioning companies over sole contractors.


This artwork is of Historical Significance as a record of local domestic architecture.

Physical description

A black ink line drawing on drafters film by Margaret Picken, of 83 Dunlavin Rd., Mitcham depicting a black line drawing of a weatherboard house with fretwork details. In the foreground is a picket fence, and front yards with a couple of gumtrees.

There are two hole punch holes center of the upper edge

Inscriptions & markings

83 Dunlavin Rd., Mitcham
Margaret Picken - 93
Woodards - Blackburn