Historical information

These flooring nails and lock came from a railway cottage at 2 Ethel Lane, Wodonga. One is a diamond-headed timber nail and the others are simple round headed nails.
They were designed so the head of the flooring nail when driven into the Baltic pine flooring was covered over by the timber so was not visible. The cottage was built about 1890. It featured many items labelled with the emblem of Victorian Railways. The house was demolished in November 2006.


This lock is significant because it came from an early railway home in Wodonga.

Physical description

Flooring nails - one diamond headed timber nail and four other nails from railways cottage at 2 Ethel Lane, Wodonga.
Door lock and striker plate from a railway cottage at Ethel Lane.

Inscriptions & markings

On Lock - Trademark disc
In centre: Royal Warrant Symbol of Rampant Lion and Unicorn above words NO. 60 JAS CARPENTER PATENTEE
On striker plate: VR