Historical information

"B. K. O'Mahoney" was OC 15 TPT SQN at one stage at Mollison Street Depot.`

Physical description

1. Jacket - Black. Collar badges are formal coloured Army Service Corps. There are two breast pockets. They are held shut with a brass button. There are 5 brass buttons on front. RAASC Motif. The jacket has a separate detachable white collar. A Major's gold crown is on each epaulette.
2. Trousers - Black. It has two white stripes down the leg. It has black plastic buttons. Inside the trouser waist line is lined with blue striped white cotton. It has side pockets only, no rear pockets.

Inscriptions & markings

1. & 2. Typed inside the jacket and trousers are 392872 2LT B. K. O'Mahony, D/A 1362.