Historical information

Set of three notices regarding the introduction of Decimal Currency that took place on 14/2/1966
1 - Notice No. 3 dated 6/9/1965 regarding how revenue pay-in would be made and coins counted. Has a sample pay-in form showing the methods. Notes the training to be provided.
2 - Notice No. 4 dated 16/9/1965 - in a question and answer format about the conversion from imperial to decimal currency.
3 - Notice No. 5 dated 31/10/1965 - training using plastic model coins and conversions.


Yields information about the conversion from imperial to decimal currency and the training undertaken for this.

Physical description

Document - Set of three notices foolscap, each with two punched holes on left side.

Inscriptions & markings

Some have numbers in the top left hand corner in ink.