Historical information

This is a collection of sixteen tourist guides dating from the mid 1970's to 2013. These contain listings of businesses, accommodation, eateries and events in Warrnambool and district. They also include maps of Warrnambool and surrounds, advertising and photographs of various attractions. While mainly covering Warrnambool a small number of the guides cover the South West Region. These directories have mainly been published by the Warrnambool City Council and are a selection of the types of information provided to visitors at the Tourist information centre during this time period.


These tourist guides give snapshots of the City of Warrnambool for the years covered and will be useful for research.

Physical description

[.1] An 8 page paper booklet with black printing and a black & white photo of the pond at the Botanical Gardens on the front cover.
[.2] two photocopied A4 black and white pages from the book "On the Trail" K Winser 1956 (Main Roads of Australia)
[.3] A trifold colour brochure with a stylised map of the coast on the yellow and blue front cover. The inside has stylised colour drawings on Warrnambool attractions. The rear cover has coloured photographs of bush, Liebig Street and Fletcher Jones gardens
[.4] A trifold black and white brochure with a black line drawing of a whale on the front cover.
[.5] A trifold white card with mauve printing. The front cover has a line drawing of the former Timor Street post office and a map of businesses and landmarks in Timor Street. The reverse side contains a brief history of Warrnambool.
[.6] A 98 page stapled booklet with a foreword by Vanda Savill. There are 4 pages of coloured photographs. The remainder are black and white photographs. The front cover is purple with white writing in the lower third. There is an outline of the coast and five colour photographs of district attractions. The inside middle page has a map of the Western wonderland region. The content covers towns in this area. Content relating to Warrnambool is in the last six pages.
[.7] Twelve loose photocopied black and white pages. The front cover has the Warrnambool Premier Town 1988-1991 logo and a photo of a Southern Right Whale and calf. The bottom right hand corner has a Standard Warrnambool logo.
[.8] 44 page booklet printed with blue ink. The staples have been removed. The glossy front cover has blue printing with a coloured photo of Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village pond. The centre pages has a fold out map of the City of Warrnambool. The rear cover has photos of The Twelve Apostles and Hopkins Falls.
[.9] 4 loose photocopied pages with Warrnambool Library and Corangamite Regional Library Service Warrnambool City Library black ink stamps. The front page line drawing illustrations of Warrnambool attractions
[.10] A single sheet of glossy white paper folded in half to make four pages. The front page has a Warrnambool premier town logo 1979-1982 and blue printing and a visitor survey.
[.11] A conference pack of light card folded to make a pocket containing three brochures, a shipwreck coast tourist directory and a Australian Heritage Parks Association conference program dated 24 to 27 May 1992. The front cover of the pack has green writing over a stylised upward arrow. There is a City of Warrnambool logo in the top right hand corner and two film strips diagonally across the cover containing photographs of Warrnambool. The rear cover has a coloured Warrnambool Premier Town logo.
[.12] A 63 page stapled booklet with coloured photographs of Warrnambool. The front cover has black writing on white background. There is a coloured photograph of Flagstaff Hill in the middle of the cover and a Warrnambool City and Visit Victoria logos on the lower edge. The middle pages has a coloured of the city of Warrnambool with an inset map of Allansford.
[.13] A single large sheet of white paper folded in ten to make a brochure. The front cover has black printing. The rear cover has a purple ink stamp for the City of Warrnambool Tourist Information Centre. When folded out the reverse side has a green, grey and white map of the South West Region of Victoria.
[.14] A 48 page colour booklet on glossy paper. The front cover has white writing on a blue background and includes photographs of the Twelve Apostles, the Promenade walk, Flagstaff Hill and a southern right whale's tail. The rear cover has photographs of The Twelve apostles, a passenger train from Melbourne passing the Lake Pertobe playground, and a rural scene. There is white writing and a white Warrnambool City logo on a blue background. The centre pages have a stylised green and blue map of the city of Warrnambool.
[.15] A 48 page colour booklet on glossy paper. The front cover has white writing over colour photographs of two people at a lookout, Flagstaff Hill, three southern right whales and a child at the Lake Pertobe playground. The lower edge has blue upper case writing on a white background. The rear cover has a colour photograph of the Twelve Apostles. The lower white border on the rear covers has a a blue and green City of Warrnambool logo and blue writing. The centre pages have a stylised green and blue map of the city of Warrnambool.
[.16] A 64 page colour booklet on glossy paper. The front cover has black writing on a black background and there is a photograph of a southern right whale's tail. The lower edge has the Warrnambool City and Visit Vitoria Logos. The centre pages have maps of Warrnambool and surrounds.

Inscriptions & markings

[.1] This week in Warrnambool Vol 2 No. 5 Thurs 1st Feb. For the time of your life
[.2] Warrnambool Way
[.3] Warrnambool The Holiday Host on the South West Coast with compliments City of Warrnambool and Warrnambool Chamber of Commerce
[.4] MMI Insurance presents Whales Giants of the Deep Whale Watcher's Logbook Warrnambool
[.5] Warrnambool History began in Timor Street
[.6] Western Wonderland Tourist Association
[.7] A Premier Arrow Tour of Warrnambool Victoria's Premier Town Australia's Southern Right Whale Nursery
[.8] Warrnambool The Heart of Victoria's Great Southwest Visitor's Handbook
[.9] What to see in Warrnambool Victoria's Premier City 1979-1982
[.10] Win a Free Holiday & $200 Cash in Victoria's Premier Town
[.11] Advancing Warrnambool together!
[.12] Great Ocean Road Warrnambool Official Visitor Guide
[.13] Tourist guide to the South West Region Victoria All it needs is you
[.14] Warrnambool visitor guide 2005 the great ocean rod experience attractions accommodation entertainment dining
[.15] Warrnambool Visitor Guide 2006 the great ocean road experience Attractions Accommodation Entertainment Dining
[.16] Official Visitors' Guide Warrnambool Victoria Australia Discover the Great Ocean Road