Historical information

The photograph was taken at the intersection of Brook and Evans Streets in Sunbury. The two storey bluestone building was the Rupertswood Hotel, which was on the NE corner of the intersection and the single storey Royal Hotel building in the foreground was on the opposite corner. The Millett family originally owned both hotels. The Rupertswood Hotel was demolished in December 1974 to make way for a modern retail store. In 1939 the old Royal Hotel building was damaged by fire and replaced with a two storey red brick building.


The Rupertswood and Royal Hotels were two of the earliest hotels to be erected in the Sunbury township.

Physical description

A non-digital black and white photograph of a street photograph featuring an intersection with a two storey bluestone building on one corner and a partial view of a single storey rendered building on the opposite corner. Two children are standing on the side of the road and a man is in a horse-drawn jinker.