Historical information

In the 1950s there was a move to bring some light industries into Sunbury. The large building in Barkly Street, which was used to make gloves and other items of clothing was taken over by the Yakka Company and boys shorts were made there. In the 1960s the Yakka Company moved to new and larger premises in Broadmeadows resulting of the closure of the Sunbury factory. A car park which services the business owners and employees from O'Shanassy Street now occupies the site.


The Yakka Factory was one of the early manufacturing ventures to be started in Sunbury.

Physical description

A non-digital scanned copy of a coloured photograph of a large shed-like building with two utility trucks parked in the street in front of the building. There are some tall shrubs on either side of the building and a tall electric light pole on the RHS of the picture.He photograph has a narrow cream border.