Historical information

This six-postcard group is the first in a series of records of items in the collection of Edgar Dawson DCM. Dawson was the Regimental Sergeant Major of 57th Battalion, AIF. The 57th had a company of men largely from Bendigo and Eaglehawk. These postcards are from his personal album. Many are annotated in Dawson's hand with explanatory notes on the subject. Refer to Cat No 893 for his service details. Items originally in album cat. no. 207P
Service details available through the NAA.

Physical description

Collection of six photo postcards B+W
1. Photo portrait of Shuttleworth, Henry 2854 57th Btn, wearing military medal, no headwear
2. Photo portrait of Ross, George Herbert Sergeant 3596 57th Btn.
3. Photo portrait of Davidson, Robert Sergeant 3379 57th Btn.
4. Photo portrait of Lyndon, Herbert Roy 4532 57th Btn.
5. Photo portrait of Walsh, Alick 3494 57th Btn.
6. Photo portrait of Tanner, Walter John 4620 57th Btn.

Inscriptions & markings

1. On front, "Yours sincerely, H. Shuttleworth 11-14-19"
2. On front "Yours sincerely, Rossie". On rear "This is CQMS Ross who came over on the boat and was with me on leave".
3. On front "Yours sincerely Davo". On rear "This is the orderly room sergeant Davidson who was with me on leave"
4. On front "Yours sincerely HRL" On rear "This is Paddy Lyndon who was photographed in the canal with me. He was a clerk in Bendigo and came over on the boat with me"
5. On front "Sincerely yours Alick France 1917"
6. On front "Sincerely yours W Tanner France 1917" On rear "This was my B Company sergeant major, but has gone to Blighty for his commission"