Historical information

Relates to Acting Captain “John Eric Wiles” VX16067. Posted Middle East 1940. Part of his collection. Refer Cat. No. 5410P for his Service Details.

Physical description

Series of black and white/ sepia photos.
1. Portrait B & W photo of soldier standing in front of a snowman in Syria.
2. Landscape, sepia photo of an officer in uniform posed to camera.
3. Landscape B & W photo of Jack Wilks in a tent in an Army base in Syria.
4. Landscape B & W photo of the Officer's Mess in Australia.

Inscriptions & markings

On back of photos;
1. "A snowman and myself. Syria - New Year 1942"
2. Stamp on back. G 17.
3. Detailed little message from Syria.
4. "Our Mess" Australia 44.