Historical information

Black and white photograph of a cable tram set (trailer 203) with gripman and conductor at the Chapel St terminus. The photo has written on it in white ink "Goodfellows "Ferry" over any difficulty including the "Badger" " and date of 18.3.12. which is a reference to the General Strike in Brisbane of Jan 1912 by Brisbane Tramway Company workers over the wearing of Union badges which was strongly opposed by the Company Manager Joesph 'Boss' Badger. See also item 6170 for a similar-themed photograph about the Badger. At the time there was a major industrial or arbitration case before Mr Justice Higgins regarding Australian tramways employees and their working conditions.


Demonstrate cable tram uniforms and cable tram trip slips that were used to account for fare collection and has a close association with an event in Brisbane that led to a General Strike.

Physical description

Black and white print block mounted onto thick card.