Historical information

The earliest record of the Sunbury Aussies Rules football is in 1881when a match was played between Sunbury and Keilor. In 1892 the team officially became known as The Swifts. Some of the players have been identified in the image. They are - Standing: J.Fisher, W.Wider, L.Drew, R. Grant, A. Oserham, I. Gilchrist, B. Campbell, A.F. Daniel, E. Campbell and W. Eadie. Seated: P. Whelan, E. Whelan, C. Whelan and E. Meeking.


The Sunbury Football Club is one of the earliest and oldest sporting clubs to be still in existence today.

Physical description

A non-digital black and white scanned photograph of a football team taken some time in the early 1900s, showing 21 players and the coach. photographed in an open area. The image has been printed on A4 paper and a list of names is attached.