Historical information

This is an early photograph of St. Mary's Anglican Church in Sunbury. On 13th October 1863, the Government granted one acre of land on the corner of Stawell and O'Shanassy Streets for the building of a church. he first service was held on 24th November 1867. After that date subsequent additions were made. The gas lamp outside the church indicates that the photograph was taken before electric power was installed in Sunbury.


St. Mary's Anglican Church is one of the earliest places of worship to be built in Sunbury.

Physical description

A non-digital sepia post card photograph of a small bluestone church with a slate roof with a wooden picket fence and two gates across the front. A gas lamp is on the pathway.

Inscriptions & markings

Peter Collett's signature is on the back as well as a sticker with number 7 written on it