Great Stupa of Universal Compassion is the largest Buddhist stupa outside of Asia. A stupa is the most sacred building in Buddhism. It symbolises the enlightened mind and the path to enlightenment, and houses a reliquary of holy relics of the Buddha and other highly realised beings.

The Great Stupa, located just outside Bendigo, Vic., is the same size and design as the 15th century Gyantse Stupa from Tibet. It is 50 metres square at its base and rises to almost 50 metres high. It was built to last 1000 years, and withstand fire, earthquakes, and high winds.

It houses the Jade Buddha for Universal Peace, the largest Buddha carved from gemstone quality jade in the world, and several other Buddhist statues, as well as the Unique Tibet Museum.

Our collection

Great Stupa of Universal Compassion Archive (2016); Unique Tibet Museum (2021)

Organisational records of the Great Stupa of Universal Compassion; Jade Buddha records and memorabilia; artifacts displayed in the Unique Tibet Museum

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