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Phillip Island RSL Sub Branch Cowes, Victoria

Phillip Island RSL

Contact Information

PO Box 503 Cowes Victoria 3922
+61 (03) 5952 1004 - request Club Vice President Chris Thompson


Opening Hours

Monday - Sunday 9.00am - 12.00am. Memorabiulia enquiries via the contacts above

Entry Fee



225-243 Thompson Ave Cowes Victoria

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black and white photograph - HMS Hood

Phillip Island RSL Sub Branch, Cowes

Black and White photograph of HMS Hood under way. Crew are lined up from bow to stern for leaving harbour.

Historical information

HMS Hood was one of the most powerful ships in the Royal Navy during ww2. She was sunk by the German Battleship Bismark with a loss of all hands on board.


The main threat of the Bismark was to allied convoys, so an all out bid was made to find and sink her. Unfortunately she was too powerfull for the HMS Hood

Inscriptions & Markings

HMS Hood hand written in white ink just below forward guns controller